Frequently Asked Questions

General Genesis Questions

Where is Genesis of Denville located?

Genesis of Denville is conveniently located in the center of Morris County, welcoming customers from all of New Jersey. Our dealership can be found on 2170 Route 10, Denville NJ 07834. If you’re looking for a route to our dealership, be sure to use our map tool located on our directions page.

Genesis Vehicle Features

Do Genesis vehicles include a remote start feature?

All new Genesis vehicles and Certified Pre-owned Genesis Vehicles include 3 years of complimentary Genesis Connected Services, which provide the following services:

  • Remote start from your smart device
  • Remote control of your climate control, heated steering wheel, front and rear defrosters, outside mirror heaters, and driver’s door locks.
  • Vehicle status (battery, fuel, locked/unlocked, ignition on)
  • Service notifications and service and service valet scheduling from your smart device for your convenience.
  • Vehicle theft, vehicle slowdown, and vehicle recovery system

How do I engage my Smart Cruise Control?

All 2017 and newer Genesis vehicles with automatic transmissions come equipped with smart radar cruise control. Smart Cruise control is an active radar cruise control. That means that when engaged, your vehicle will automatically speed up and slow down to stay at a predetermined adjustable distance from the vehicle in front of you. When the vehicle in front of you speeds up or changes lanes your smart cruise control will accelerate your Genesis back to your set cruising speed.

To Enable Smart Cruise Control simply engage your cruise control by pressing the “Cruise” button on your steering wheel. Then press and hold the vehicle distance pacing button also on your steering wheel for 2 seconds until you see a “SMART CRUISE CONTROL” notification on your instrument cluster. Once engaged, you can adjust the set distance by using the vehicle distance pacing button. You can also adjust the sensitivity of the system in the menu on your instrument cluster.

Does my Genesis have Apple Car Play or Android Auto?

Apple Car Play and Android Auto are standard on all 2019 and later models.

Does Genesis have a Roadside Assistance program?

All Genesis models come with 24hr roadside assistance included with Genesis Connected Services. Just press the connected services button on your rearview mirror and a Genesis representative will arrange for your vehicle to be towed to the nearest Genesis certified service facility for repairs. Additionally, Genesis will even reimburse customers for lodging fees for up to 5 days incurred while their vehicle is being repaired.

Do Genesis vehicles have auto-braking features?

2019 and later Genesis models come equipped with standard forward collision avoidance systems. FCAS will sense any vehicles, objects, or pedestrians on the road, and engage up to the full brake force of the vehicle if it does not sense your vehicle decelerate in time in order to minimize any forward collisions or prevent them altogether.

Do Genesis models have heated steering wheels?

All 2019 AWD Genesis vehicles come equipped with standard heated steering wheel.

All 2020 AWD Genesis G80 and G90 models come equipped with standard heated steering wheel, as well as all vehicles with the Elite, Prestige, and/or Sport Packages.

What vehicles include heated seats?

All 2019 AWD G80 and G90 models include heated seats standard, as well as, vehicles with Elite, Prestige, and/or Sport packages.

All 2020 AWD vehicles include heated seats standard.

What color interiors does Genesis offer?

2019 Genesis models offer Nappa leather interiors in black, gray, ivory, and beige.

2020 Genesis models offer Nappa leather interiors in black, gray, beige, and new dark brown and indigo.

Do the rear seats fold in Genesis models?

G70 models offer 60/40 folding rear seats. However, G80 and G90 models do not offer rear folding seats.

What warranties are included with a Genesis CPO Vehicle?

A CPO Genesis vehicle will include the remainder of the factory 5yr/60,000 miles bumper to bumper warranty plus and additional 1 year and 15,000 miles of bumper to bumper coverage. In addition, your vehicle will be covered by the Genesis 10yr/100,000 miles limited powertrain warranty if you are the second owner of the vehicle.

Genesis CPO purchases also include a complimentary 3 years of Genesis Connected Services.

Genesis Service Center

What type of gas should I use in my Genesis vehicle?

Premium Gas is recommended for Genesis vehicles for optimal performance. However, you can also use regular gas in your Genesis, which can result in an average of 20-25 cents of savings a gallon at the pump.

What Maintenance is included with my Genesis lease or Genesis Purchase?

All-new Genesis vehicles include 3 years and up to 36,000 miles of maintenance. This includes free oil changes, filter changes, tire rotations, and safety inspections. Most competitors only include 1 year of complimentary maintenance. The additional 2 years can save Genesis owners upwards of $100-$200 a year (depending on Synthetic and non-synthetic engine oil) (luxury car oil changes cost around $100-$150).

All-new Genesis vehicles also include 3 years of complimentary Service valet. This means that Genesis of Denville will come pick up your car and drop of a complimentary Genesis loaner car at your convenience. Once the service is completed, we will then return your vehicle to you and pick up the loaner car for free at your convenience. Schedule your service appointment.

What is Genesis Service Valet, and How do I schedule it?

Genesis Service Valet is a complimentary 3-year program included with all new Genesis vehicles. When your vehicle is ready for service, you can schedule your service valet pickup on our website or through Genesis Connected Services. Genesis of Denville will then pick up your vehicle at your home or place or business at a time of your choosing and give you a complimentary Genesis of Denville Loaner vehicle. We will then return your vehicle and pick up the loaner vehicle at your convenience once the maintenance has been completed. Schedule an appointment today!

Do Genesis models have a Spare tire?

Genesis vehicles come equipped with a spare tire in lieu of run-flat tires. The spare tire in a Genesis vehicle is an alloy wheel with the same size as your vehicle’s wheels and is equipped with a temporary tire. This means that you will be able to drive at normal speeds for up to the recommended limit of 70 miles until your regular tire is repaired or replaced.

Run Flat tires can be expensive to replace, and cannot be driven on at speeds over 50 MPH once they are punctured.