Leasing Vs Buying A Genesis

July 22nd, 2020 by

What you need to know about leasing a brand-new Genesis

  • Monthly leasing payments are lower because you’re only driving the Genesis for the length of your term. You only pay for its depreciation while you’re temporarily driving it.
  • When your leasing term ends, you return your vehicle to Genesis Of Denville, or you can change your mind and buy it from us. If you return it, you won’t have to worry about trade-in.

What you should know about financing your next vehicle

  • You can build equity in your Genesis when you pay off your loan and become its sole owner. Although the monthly payments are higher, they will end once you’ve paid off the loan.
  • There is no limit on miles you can put on your Genesis, nor the type of vehicle customizations you can do. You also won’t have to worry about answering for any wear-and-tear incidents that appear.
  • Trading in your used Genesis can help you afford your next purchase at Genesis Of Denville. Our team works hard to make the trade-in process easy for all drivers.

Less than 20 minutes north of Morristown, Genesis Of Denville is ready to assist you in deciding whether leasing or financing is right for you. Stop by our showroom today or visit our Finance Center to seek additional information.

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